Federal Employment Law Defense

At the Law Office of Penelope S. Dart, our federal employee defense services include the following areas:

  • Disciplinary Cases
  • Performance-Based Cases
  • U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board Appeals
  • Grievances

After working for many years with the Federal Government as an Employee Relations Specialist and as a Labor Relations Specialist, Penelope S. Dart became a private attorney with the knowledge to defend federal employees. Even actions that seem relatively unimportant can become very important and ruin your federal career. Actions such as counseling sessions and reprimands might seem minor, but they can be relied upon as prior actions in order to increase the penalties of successive disciplinary actions. Do not wait until you have been given a Proposed Removal to see your attorney. As a federal employment attorney, Penelope S. Dart can advise and defend you when you have been given such counseling or disciplinary actions.

Certain disciplinary and adverse actions are appealable to the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB). Penelope S. Dart can represent you in preparing and presenting your appeal, examining the agency’s case, interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence and presenting your defense at the MSPB. If you are given any suspension of fifteen days or more, or any removal from Federal Service, call immediately so we can prepare your appeal in the short period you have to do so.

Performance-Based Actions

Your performance standards are the basis for all your performance evaluations and awards. They also are the basis for any action your supervisor takes against you for performance that is less than satisfactory. If you have been given performance standards which are deficient or unfair, Penelope S. Dart can help you evaluate them and advise you on ways to improve your performance.

Any time your supervisor informs you that your performance is deficient, you should be aware that your job is in jeopardy and you should take immediate action to protect yourself. Call the Law Office of Penelope S. Dart and she will advise you. If you receive any counseling statement or other indication that your supervisor considers your performance to be unsatisfactory, do not wait to call. If you have been given a Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance, or a Performance Improvement Period, call immediately to make the most of the short period you will have available to avoid losing your job and losing your career.

Employment and labor law issues are sensitive. Penelope S. Dart handles all cases personally.

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